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Nothing's Carved in Stone Unknown 1/15/2015 09:18:00 PM

Filename Nothing's Carved in Stone
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 1/15/2015 09:18:00 PM

Nothing's Carved in Stone is a Japanese rock group known as the Japan's leading proficient rock band which has overwhelming performance skills. The band started off with the group's guitarist, Shinichi Ubukata (ex ELLEGARDEN) asking to do sessions with Hidekazu Hinata, a bassist of the band STRAIGHTENER after ELLEGARDEN decided to go into hiatus in September 2008. Takanori Ohkita, a drummer for the band FULLARMAR joined the band through the introduction by Hidekazu and they started sessions in absence of vocalist. Shinichi Ubukata got interested in Taku Muramatsu of the band ->, the band from ABSTRACTMASH through myspace and went to see his live performance with Takanori Ohkita. Then, they were mesmerized by Taku's performance. Their debut album “PARALLEL LIVES” was released in 2009.

Band members
 Shinichi Ubukata (生形 真一 Ubukata Shin'ichi) – guitarist, backing vocals
 Takanori Ohkita (大喜多 崇規 Ōkita Takanori) – drummer
 Taku Muramatsu (村松 拓 Muramatsu Taku) – vocals, guitarist
 Hidekazu Hinata (日向 秀和 Hinata Hidekazu) – bassist

Maxi Singles & Albums
    [2009.05.06] Parallel Lives
    [2009.12.09] Around The Clock
    [2010.06.09] Sands of Time
    [2011.06.08] Echo
    [2012.07.18] Pride
    [2012.08.15] Silver Sun
    [2012.11.28] Spirit Inspiration
    [2013.03.06] Out of Control
    [2013.06.26] Revolt
    [2013.12.18] Tsubame Crimson
    [2014.08.06] Strangers In Heaven
    [2015.01.14] Gravity

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