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Ikimonogakari - Fun! Fun! Fanfare! Unknown 1/01/2015 11:35:00 PM

Filename Ikimonogakari - Fun! Fun! Fanfare!
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 1/01/2015 11:35:00 PM

FUN! FUN! FANFARE! is the seventh album released by Ikimonogakari. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The limited edition was housed in a special mikatase box and came with a mini poster card (one of three versions), Ikimono Card 044, and a lottery ticket to the 2015 ~FUN! FUN! FANFARE!~ concert tour. The song "Kirari" was used to promoted the album.

Released: Dec 24, 2014
Catalog No. ESCL-4335
165 MB (320kbps): TF // FFm

≪Track List≫
01. FUN! FUN! FANFARE! -The Beginning- (instrumental)
03. Love Song wa Tomaranai yo (ラブソングはとまらないよ; Love Song Does Not Stop)
04. Netsujou no Spectrum (熱情のスペクトラム; Spectrum of Passion)
05. Kirari (キラリ; Twinkle)
06. LIFE
07. Haru (春; Spring)
08. Ashita Hareru ka na (明日ハレルカナ; Is Tomorrow Going To Be Sunny)
09. Jump! (ジャンプ!)
10. Niji (虹; Rainbow)
11. Kagerou (陽炎; Heat Haze)
13. One Goal (ワンゴール)
14. Namida ga Kieru Nara (涙がきえるなら; If Tears Disappear)
15. My Stage (マイステージ)
16. LIGHTS OUT -The Ending- (instrumental)

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