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John - Hajimari no Hi Unknown 12/03/2014 10:46:00 AM

Filename John - Hajimari no Hi
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 12/03/2014 10:46:00 AM
Truth behind this album:
I saw this album was uploaded in other websites a few days ago. But it was FAKE. I also saw thr ID photo (look at that picture, Pic1). But the truth is that is actually not their CD.
Owh please stop trying to cheat us, we are not stupid, like we don't know anything about this world. Then how dare you crop that picture. You wont anyone here know that picture from? Why you crop that picture? You should write "credit" or just upload that picture without crop it like the original one (Pic 2)
Pic 2
Also, all the tracks are actually not in 320kbps. How dare you transcode that songs becomes FAKE 320kbps ? (Refer to Pic 3)
Pic 3
Is that 320kbps? The answer is that the file is originally ripped in 192kbps then re-convert it becomes 320kbps.

The REAL 320kbps for that song actually like this (Pic 4)
Pic 4
Thanks to kuku311.

じょん  - ツキウタ。シリーズ・じょん1stアルバム「はじまりの日」
Released: Nov 14, 2014
Catalog No. TKUT-36

≪Track List≫
1. 星のまにまに
3. 東京ダンパー
5. いない いない
6. はじまりの日
7. アカネイロ (「ツキウタ。」コガネイロ -Original arrange Ver.-)
8. 君の知らない街で
9. 夜の光 (「ツキウタ。」夜の光 -Piano arrange Ver.-)
320kbps (89 MB) : TF / SB

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