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Denki-gai no Honya-san / デンキ街の本屋さん Unknown 10/04/2014 01:10:00 PM

Filename Denki-gai no Honya-san / デンキ街の本屋さん
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 10/04/2014 01:10:00 PM

Denkigai no Honya-san is written and illustrated by Asato Mizu. It began serialization in the July 2011 issue of Media Factory's Comic Flapper magazine. An anime television series, produced by Shin-Ei Animation and directed by Masafumi Sato, began airing on October 2, 2014. The anime has been licensed by Pony Canyon's North American label Ponycan USA, and the series will be streamed on Crunchyroll the same day it premieres in Japan.

Umio is a shy kid who just started his part time job at a manga store smack dab in the middle of the city. But his lifestyle isn’t as glamorous as the neon lights that illuminate the city. Umio’s closest friends are his co-workers who are all unique characters, to say the least, and although they're nice people, they have their quirks. They are a tight knit group of friends, have nicknames for each other and spend their weekends inside, sheltered from the extravagant scene happening on the outside.
Last Updated: Jan 02, 2015

Opening Theme: "Kajirikake no Ringo" by Ayana Taketatsu
Ending Theme: "two-Dimension's Love" by denk!girls
Character Song Album  DENK! SONGS Vol. 1 || Vol. 2

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