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Ryo-kun ☆Discography☆ Unknown 9/04/2014 12:12:00 PM

Filename Ryo-kun ☆Discography☆
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 9/04/2014 12:12:00 PM

Ryo-kun (りょーくん) is an utaite who started uploading in September 2010, but is slowly gaining many fans. He is very active in uploading and makes a point to upload one or two songs per month.
Ryo-kun's voice can be classified as the boy next door type of voice - not too high and not too low. What may set Ryo-kun apart from other utaite is the distinct gentleness of his voice, he can do a wide variety of songs without his voice losing its softness. However, as seen in Ikemen Voice Paradise 6, his speaking voice is actually very low and deep.  Ryo-kun can sing in a shota voice, as well as a female voice, although it is usually more common for him to do so in his namahousous, during which he likes to sing random songs. Ryo-kun mixes his own songs, but he's still in the learning process so there are usually some lapses in his mixing. Often he just gets other people to mix for him. Besides being able to mix, Ryo-kun can also play the guitar, which can be seen in his namahousous.
Ryo-kun seems to be very close with maro. and often hangs out with him, as seen though his twitter. They have released three collaborative albums, and their collab unit is called Ryomaro (りょーまろ). They also hold namahousous together. (utaite wikia)

Albums / Singles:
      [2012.02.05] a.c.t (with maro.)
      [2012.04.28] a.c.t 2 (with maro.)
      [2012.04.28] Eternal Milky Way
      [2012.08.11] SPLASH-VOCALOID DANCE COVER2 (with maro.)
      [2013.06.02] Re:you
      [2013.04.27] twilight
      [2014.01.01] Re:alize
      [2014.09.03] Re:road
      [2014.09.17] Re:alize Live Tour 2014

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