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Pri Para / プリパラ / Prism Paradise Unknown 10/05/2014 04:18:00 PM

Filename Pri Para / プリパラ / Prism Paradise
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 10/05/2014 04:18:00 PM

PriPara (Prism Paradise) is the successor to the popular Pretty Rhythm series (Aurora Dream - Dear My Future - Rainbow Love). The first episode aired on July 5th, 2014. The new anime is set in the Pri-Para world, filled with girls' dreams and yearnings for fashion, dance, and music. Every day, there are auditions that send top idols to worldwide fame on television and online. However, Laala's school prohibits Pri-Para for elementary school children. An unexpected chance leads Laala to make her first entrance into the world of Pri-Para, where she will make her debut. PriPara is also a new game which is replacing Pretty Rhythm. Like Pretty Rhythm, PriPara has an anime which is based off of the game, and has a story line to it. The main characters that we know so far, Laala, Mirei, and Sophie, are also on the game.

Opening Theme: 
1 - "Make it!" by i☆Ris
2 -  "Miracle☆Paradise" by i☆Ris (TV Size)
Ending Theme: 
1- "Jumpin' Dancin' " by Prizmmy☆
2 - Kiraki Runway☆" by Prism☆Box [Prizmmy☆ & Prism ☆Mates] (TV Size)

Pripara Idol Collection:
1 - Lala & Mirei & Sophie

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