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Mimori Suzuko ☆Discography☆ Unknown 9/16/2014 09:07:00 PM

Filename Mimori Suzuko ☆Discography☆
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 9/16/2014 09:07:00 PM

Mimori Suzuko (三森すずこ) is a Japanese actress, seiyuu, and singer affiliated with Hibiki-Cast. Mimori is best known for her role as Sherlock Shellingford in the anime series "Tantei Opera Milky Holmes" or Sonoda Umi in anime Love Live. She made her singing debut with the single "Aitai yo... Aitai yo!" in 2013 through label Pony Canyon.

Name: Mimori Suzuko (三森すずこ)
Nickname: Suzu (すず), Mimorin (みもりん)
Birthday: June 28, 1986
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Interests: Dancing (Jazz, Tap, Ballet)

    [2014.04.02] Suki
    [2013.04.03] Aitai yo... Aitai yo!
    [2013.07.03] Yakusoku Shite yo? Issho da yo!
    [2013.10.23] Univer Page
    [2014.08.06] Seiippai, Tsutaetai!
Limited Release Singles
    [2014.02.05] Glory!
    [2014.09.10] Harmonia

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