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Momo Kyun Sword / モモキュンソード Unknown 8/02/2014 01:55:00 PM

Filename Momo Kyun Sword / モモキュンソード
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 8/02/2014 01:55:00 PM

Momo Kyun Sword  is a Japanese light novel series by Kibidango Project, based on the Japanese folklore hero Momotarō. The light novel began serialization for free online in 2012. It features multiple illustrators who are rotated on a monthly basis. A "second season" of the light novel began serialization in 2013. A 4-panel manga series is also serialized online for free. An anime television series adaptation by Tri-Slash and Project No.9 began airing on July 09, 2014.

Momoko is a beautiful young sword fighter who was born inside a peach (momo in Japanese). She lives with her constant companions—the dog god Inugami, the monkey god Sarugami, and the pheasant god Kijigami—in a peaceful paradise. However, a demon army led by devil king invades the paradise and steals the precious treasure that protects Momoko's land. To retrieve the treasure and save the people, Momoko embarks on a great adventure with her three companions.

Opening Theme:  "Momoiro Fantasy" by Haruka Chisuga
Ending Theme: "Momo Kyun Sword" by Momoko (CV. Ayana Taketatsu)
Tennyotai - Ready Go!! -Zettai Muteki no Tennyo Tai- [Tennyotai 1st Single]
Momokyun Sword Vocal Album "Momouta Daizenshuu!"

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