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Mononoke / モノノ怪 Unknown 8/17/2014 08:58:00 AM

Filename Mononoke / モノノ怪
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 8/17/2014 08:58:00 AM

One of the basic types of Ayakashi (tl. "unnatural spirit") is formed from the soul of a living or non-living material. Oftentimes, regret causes this, and when an Ayakashi is merged with strong human emotions such as vengeance, sadness, or fear, it develops into a Mononoke (tl. "hostile spirit"). This is the foundation for conflicts in each story and what typically stems from each Ayakashi's backstory. The story itself follows a Kusuriuri (tl. "medicine seller") who travels from one place to another exorcising each Mononoke he comes across. The anime presents five standalone arcs. Each one consists of 2 or 3 episodes, which may sound as if there is not enough time allocated to serve each story properly. Fortunately, this uncertainty is untrue. Each arc is thoroughly interesting, bizarre, and complex; viewers will be astonished by the profound impact each short story relays. Some arcs may take a second or even third viewing to get everything. It's such an excellent anime and was so worth the watch.

Opening Theme: "Kagen no Tsuki" by Ryouta Komatsu and Charlie Kosei
Ending Theme: "Natsu no Hana" by JUJU

OP Theme (Single): 30 MB (TF | SB | MC)
ED Theme (Single): 48 MB (TF | AF | MC)
Mononoke OST: 90 MB (UP | Sh | MC)
Password: mn2k#anime-mp3

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