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MARGINAL#4 Unknown 8/09/2014 01:26:00 PM

Filename MARGINAL#4
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 8/09/2014 01:26:00 PM
Left to Right: Aoba Rui, Kirihara Atom, Nomura L, Nomura R
MARGINAL#4 is idol unit from (taken from They only appear during Rejet festivals. This idol unit consists of 4 members namely Kirihara Atom (CV: Toshiki Masuda), Aoba Rui (CV: Takahashi Naozumi), Nomura Eru (L) (CV: KENN) and Nomura Aru (R) (CV: Suzuki Yuuto). Their first debut is 100万回の愛革命! (Hyakuman-kai no Ai Revolution!) which was released on February 13, 2013. Due to its popularity by their 4th single, MASQUERADE, Rejet releases their first compilation album MARGINAL#4 THE BEST STAR CLUSTER」(エル・アールver) on April 23rd, 2014. After the announcement of the compilation album, this idol unit has a game produce by OTOMATE with the name MARGINAL #4 Idol of Supernove released on November 2013, 2014. This idol unit also has a drama cd released on August 28th, 2013.

[2013/02/13] 100万回の愛革命(REVOLUTION)!
[2013/08/14] LOVESAVIOR
[2014/07/16]CHU CHU LUV(ハート)SCANDAL

Compilation Album:

Drama CD

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