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Hata Motohiro ☆Discography☆ Unknown 8/07/2014 12:06:00 PM

Filename Hata Motohiro ☆Discography☆
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Author Unknown
Date and Time 8/07/2014 12:06:00 PM

Hata Motohiro (秦基博) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter currently signed to Ariola Japan and managed by Office Augusta.
Though Hata was born in Miyazaki Prefecture, his father's work brought their family to live in Yokohama, where he spent his childhood. From childhood, he was always a heavier person. When he was in middle school, his older brother received a cheap ¥3,000 guitar from a friend. After his club activities ended, he would come home and play the guitar energetically while singing along. In high school, he joined the basketball team for a short while, but he was too afraid of his seniors and instead joined the music club. From then on, he was exposed to artists such as Mr.Children, ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI, and Ulfuls, and started a cover band of these artists where he was in charge of vocals and guitar.
After high school, Hata began composing his own songs. In the spring between high school and college, he performed solo at a punk-centric live house called F.A.D YOKOHAMA thanks to a friend of a friend. From then on, he composed earnestly, and after graduation, became interested in many sports. In 2004, Hata released an indie mini-album, titled Orange no Haikei no Akai Hatsubai, and had his first live tour.
In 2006, Hata signed to Ariola Japan and released his debut major single, "Synchro", which received considerable airplay. 

Name: Hata Motohiro (秦基博)
Birthday: October 11, 1980
Birthplace: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Grass-lot baseball, bowling, billiards
Password: mhd@anime-mp3

Studio Albums
    [2007.09.26] Contras: 4S | TF
    [2008.10.29] ALRIGHT: SF | TF
    [2010.10.06] Documentary: UP | FD
    [2013.01.30] Signed POP: TF | FD 
    [2013.10.16] Hitomimibore
    [2014.10.29] Evergreen
Acoustic Albums
    [2010.03.03] BEST OF GREEN MIND '09: FD | SF
    [2011.06.15] BEST OF GREEN MIND '10: BU | 1F
    [2004.01.20] Orange no Haikei no Akai Hatsubai: SB | AF
    [2009.01.21] Bokura wo Tsunagu Mono Premium Edition: ZS | AF
    [2012.02.08] End Roll EP: ZS | UP
    [2006.11.08] Synchro: ZS | AF
    [2007.06.06] Uroko: TF | BU
    [2007.09.12] Aoi Chou: UP | BU
    [2008.04.23] Kimi, Meguru, Boku: BU | SH
    [2008.06.04] Niji ga Kieta Hi: SH | 1F
    [2008.10.08] Forever Song: TF | AF
    [2009.01.21] Asa ga Kuru Mae ni: ZS | 1F
    [2009.08.12] Halation: TF | ZS
    [2010.xx.xx] Ai & Ai Premium Package: 4S | AF
    [2010.08.11] Toumei Datta Sekai
    [2010.09.08] Metro Film: TF | SH
    [2011.06.15] Minazuki: TF | 4S
    [2012.05.30] Altair
    [2012.10.31] Dear Mr. Tomorrow: FD | SF
    [2013.01.16] Hatsukoi / Goodbye Isaac
    [2013.05.29] Kotonoha
    [2014.04.23] Dialogue Monologue: TF | UP
    [2014.08.06] Himawari no Yakusoku
Digital Singles
    [2009.12.16] SPARK
    [2011.01.12] Kanojo no Koibito

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