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Summer is here and so it's the heat! Winnie T 7/04/2014 11:31:00 PM

Filename Summer is here and so it's the heat!
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Author Winnie T
Date and Time 7/04/2014 11:31:00 PM
(P.S: I'm sorry but this is the only thing I have in mind when it comes to summer xD)

Hey guys! If you do realize, our site have been slowing down lately. This is because we have too many posts and it's slowly slowing the site down. So in order to save the site, we are working on something that will save the amount of posts we have to make! But first, we would like to hear your opinions!

First is the discography. If you realize, sometimes we make pages individually for each album/single. If that particular artist have little amount of album/single, it's okay but major artist like Mizuki Nana or FLOW or even Arashi have a huge amount, and I don't think it's wise anymore to create individual pages. So right now we are going to compile some of the artists and their album/single together in one post! Don't worry, we will do it in a way that you can navigate through the page smoothly. We have another discography coming up soon so you will able to feel that new system shortly!

Second is also related to the discography. My main concern is this, if we compile it up in one post, if the particular artist release new album/single, do I upload it into the main post? My suggestion is this, we will make an individual post for the new album/single then maybe a few months later (let's put a rough number, 3 months), we will compile it up into the main page. What do you guys think?

We really want a feedback on this because we want to hear your opinions. We prefer this site to be a mutual understanding between us and you guys than for ourselves only. We would also like some feedback on our site! Any suggestions are welcome! If you are unsatisfied/unhappy with anything, please feel free to leave a comment! 

P.S: There's actually more stuff I would like to announce but I don't think it's such a good timing now but be prepare for more awesome stuff! 

-The AM3 Team

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