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Oh! Edo Rocket / 大江戸ロケット Unknown 7/09/2014 02:31:00 AM

Filename Oh! Edo Rocket / 大江戸ロケット
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 7/09/2014 02:31:00 AM

Oh! Edo Rocket  is a stage play written for the Gekidan Shinkansen theater troupe by Kazuki Nakashima. It was adapted into an anime TV series in April 2007, directed by Seiji Mizushima and produced by Studio Madhouse. It is a comedic story often breaking the fourth wall, that involves a firework maker in medieval Edo and his efforts to build a rocket to carry an alien back to her people on the moon.

The story is set in Edo in 1842, the thirteenth year of the Tenpō era. Government reforms have banned all luxuries, including plays, performances, inventions, and fireworks. Despite the political climate, Seikichi, a young fireworks maker, dreams of making a huge firework the likes of which have never been seen. But every time he fires a test rocket, he finds himself pursued by government officials. One night, a blue monster and a white monster are fighting in the woods, battling each other and battling a group of human warriors. The blue monster gains the upper hand but is distracted by Seikichi's rocket, which allows the white monster to escape. The next day, a beautiful, mysterious girl appears before Seikichi and asks him to make a firework that will reach the moon.
Throughout the series, the characters use terms and items that have not been created yet, including a pocket calculator and television sets. The TVs are primarily used as flashback devices to bring characters up to date on events they missed. Additionally, backgrounds in the series show shops with signs advertising electronics, specifically TVs and DVDs. In Episode 12, Onui and Shunpei repeatedly pass back and forth between 1842 Edo and a modern Japanese railway station, even riding the train in one scene, without taking any notice of the change. There are other times when the characters acknowledge the fact that they are in an anime and comment on anachronistic language used.

Opening Theme: "Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV" by PUFFY
Ending Theme
#1"100 miles~Niji o Oikakete" by Santara
#2: "I Got Rhythm" by Natural High

OP1 Single (320kbps + BK): 24 MB (TF | ZS | MC)
ED1 Single (320kbps + BK): 39 MB (TF | ZS | MC)
ED2 Single (320kbps + BK): 52 MB (TF | ZS | MC)
Origianl Soundtrack (w/ BK): 143 MB (TF | ZS | MC)

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