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Here comes Music player 2.0! Yun 7/02/2014 03:35:00 AM

Filename Here comes Music player 2.0!
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Author Yun
Date and Time 7/02/2014 03:35:00 AM

With finally exams over I can finally start work on website again. This time I decided to focus more on the player as it was not still exact thing I wanted from start. There were compatibility problems and lots more troubles.

As you are well aware, anime-mp3 starts to slow down really fast and that is why it was necesarry to make it lighter. As a decision, the player will receive their own website and will work separately from website. As a result, the player gonna be definitely lot more faster and the menu much more clearer to everyone. You can access the player from the following adress directly:

What did we change
  • The player works even on Tablets or mobile phones! Enjoy your songs even on phone
  • Cover photos
Unfortunately, the player still does not have auto play or shuffle support, but hopefully it gonna change soon.

Thanks to this extension, we gonna create several more playlist such as OST, Piano, Battle songs and so on! With 68.100 views on the online music player, you showed us your interested in having a player and that is why we gonna keep on working on it!

Wishlist feature

The voting system for wishlist was reworked and should be easier to access. You can easily submit a new request & simply vote for existing ones. Those with highest number of votes will be added sooner then ones with lower.

The player is only the start of changes and others gonna follow later. Hope you guyz gonna love our new player.

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