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Gero 🎧Discography🎧 Winnie T 7/07/2014 12:26:00 PM

Filename Gero 🎧Discography🎧
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Author Winnie T
Date and Time 7/07/2014 12:26:00 PM
Gero (げろ), nicknamed Gerorin (January 23, 1986 ), is an utaite known for singing very emotionally and "passionately" (versus "logically") in his covers. He has a slightly deep, somewhat rough voice, but however he is able to hit high notes, whether it's through shrieking or singing. He sings in various styles; he can sing upbeat and energetically and sometimes he sings in a screaming and shrieking voice, but he can also sound overwhelmingly serious, When he sings sad or slower songs, he is able to convey the sad emotions very well, to the point of his voice almost sounding like he's crying. He also seems to enjoy comedy, participating in many fun covers, often with Faneru. In those, he always ends up screaming his parts. When being told to sing normally, he claims that he is singing "normally", since singing passionately is normal for him. In these covers, he acts very oblivious to the annoyance he causes, but lets out an occasional snicker which hints that he is actually quite aware but is merely trolling him. He also enjoys adding sillyness into other songs, sometimes by making silly noises, such as giggling and snorting loudly after a serious verses. His versatility and emotion make him stand amongst the other singers from Nico Nico Douga.  He released his debut single "BELOVED×SURVIVAL", the theme song of a TV anime 『Brothers Conflict』 in 2013. He also forms a duo called Dagero with Dasoku, a member of √5.

[2014.07.02] SECOND
[2013.07.24] one
[2012.06.06] Cross
[2011.07.07] Gourmet

[2014.05.21] I am a Male Cat
[2014.01.29] ~Outgrow~
[2013.06.12] Nopperudia Clinoppe (with Dasoku)
[2011.12.31] Gift 
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