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Takagaki Ayahi \\Discography// Winnie T 7/03/2014 10:43:00 PM

Filename Takagaki Ayahi \\Discography//
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Author Winnie T
Date and Time 7/03/2014 10:43:00 PM
Takagaki Ayahi (高垣 彩陽) born October 25, 1985 in Tokyo, is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She had her first major voice acting roles in 2007, voicing Jasmine in Deltora Quest and Lucia Nahashi in Venus Versus Virus. Her career as a musician began with her performance of the opening themes of the anime series First Love Limited in April 2009. In the same month, she and three other voice actresses debuted as the musical group Sphere with their single "Future Stream". In 2008, she completed her music degree at Musashino Academia Musicae, majoring in voice performance.

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[2013.04.17] relation

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