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Here comes the giveaway as we promised! Yun 5/26/2014 08:21:00 PM

Filename Here comes the giveaway as we promised!
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Author Yun
Date and Time 5/26/2014 08:21:00 PM

As some of you remember a while ago, I'd promised you that if the first payment of Google ads arrive, we will do a giveaway. So our first payment has arrived and we are going to do one to celebrate this event together with 40k likes on our Facebook page. The site progress is quite good and we are starting to catch up with other anime sharing websites. But we wanna show them that we are different! I am really proud to say we are the first anime sharing site that is doing one.

How to join the giveaway?

  • Share our page
  • Like our post
  • Like our page

To spice things up, there is going to be some certain goals. If you guyz meet the criteria for these goals, we will increase the prize pool.

1. If this post reaches 2.500 likes we are gonna give 2 more scalic figures
2. if this post reaches 5.000 likes we will throw in one more limited album(Haruna Luna Overfly SAO limited edition)!

We are gonna choose our winners ramdomly (with a random number generator) and announce it in 14 days. But because we wanna let everyone have a chance to win at least something, if we reach the goals, randomness won't be the main factor! The last giveaway will be more focused on how well you know AM3. 

That's all from us, your Anime-mp3 team! ^^

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