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Jormungand Unknown 5/07/2014 11:53:00 AM

Filename Jormungand
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 5/07/2014 11:53:00 AM

A ruthless arms dealer on a quixotic quest for world peace. A child soldier born into chaotic conflict. Their lives will intertwine as they journey together through the seedy underbelly of the world's arms market.

The story in jormungand is about Jonah, a boy who fought in middle east as the child soldier is being recruited as Koko's companions. Koko itself is an arms dealer who travels all around the world for selling the guns. As the arms dealer, Koko must have many obstacles like resistance from a group in the country or even a rival in dealing with arms. As her subordinate, Jonah and the companions must make sure Koko's safety in every transactions. By reading the premise of the story maybe you can imagine. There will be many spectacular action and stunning visual gunfire which means you will being served by a full-pack of action. Well, its true. What make me love about this series was this anime wasnt always about gunfire or battle scenes. There was a time when this anime shows good jokes and some lighthearted story. Having a great action battle doesnt mean they forgot about the story, the story in this anime was well-made and not too hard to understand. Jormungand is really great at composing the story when times to jokes and when the times for serious. Of course, in Jormungand there was some moments when you have question in your mind like "what happen?" or "how could it happen? what the reason" but eventually, it would happen if you werent focussed. But aside from it, Jormungand is pretty enjoyable action anime that will make you sitting down quietly on your chair.

Opening Theme:
1. "Borderland" by Mami Kawada
2. "UNDER/SHAFT" by Maon Kurosaki [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme:
1. "Ambivalentidea" by Nagi Yanagi
Eps #04 (1st Season): Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana by Nagi Yanagi
2. "Laterality" by Nagi Yanagi [Download] [Single]
Eps #3 (2nd Season) : "Shinjitsu no Hane" by Nagi Yanagi

Jormungand OST: Time to Attack [Download]
Jormungand Perfect Order Original Soundtrack
Bonus CD Jormungand: Jormungand Special Sampler Disc
Bonus CD Jormungand Perfect Order: REMIX ALBUM ~taque is dodo.~

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