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The truth about Anime Sharing websites Yun 4/04/2014 04:31:00 PM

Filename The truth about Anime Sharing websites
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Author Yun
Date and Time 4/04/2014 04:31:00 PM

I've been thinking back for some time, and after keeping anime-mp3 running for many years, I think it's about time we tell the Internet the truth. We have been silent for a long time and have been ignoring all the difficulties and troubles so far. Today we shall reveal to you everything.

'For some visitors, we look like a normal page. However, there are a lot of problems everyday and it isn't easy to maintain the page. Many visitors think that we are stealing links from other pages and are always late with uploads. Let me tell you this, this is all a lie. In fact, it was always the other way around, as other pages keep stealing our links and uploads. We knew this was happening but we didn't take any action against them. I don't want to point out any pages or badmouth any other project, but try to think and guess, which other projects do you know might be doing so. It shouldn't be hard for you to guess as recently one of those was closed by blogger.

This content problem went so far that we started to hold on to our uploads because we knew that if we will publish something, it will be stolen right away. Initially, our design was really weak and unprofessional, this might have given other people the impression that we were the bad ones. Sorry folks, but we're not. Now with new people joining us, we think it is time to go big again.

Our policies

Anime-mp3 never takes links from other pages. If we do, we ask the author if he is okay with that before we do that. This is why we gained trust from many uploaders and became recognized as one of the most trusted uploaders on the internet. Everything has it's own reason and the way here wasn't straight.

There were times when another pages were lying to their visitors about the quality and bitrate of their music files. While there was no 320kb/s file (CD not released yet) till the date of release, they were proclaiming they have it. It turns out that they were just ripped video files. It wasn't hard to check through any program, that it was an 192kb/s changed to 320kb/s. It wont improve the quality. In fact, it will make it even worse. We aren't doing that, we rather wait till the real CD is released.

There are alot of hidden facts pages never want to speak about and hopefully one day, we will reveal you them piece by piece.

Thanks for staying with us, without you, we would probably never make it this far.

Your AM3 team \^.^/

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