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Omamori Himari Unknown 4/13/2014 05:53:00 PM

Filename Omamori Himari
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 4/13/2014 05:53:00 PM

Yuuto is your average, high school boy just turned 16. His childhood friend, Rin has taken care of him ever since his parents died when he was younger. All of a sudden, a girl named Himari walks into his life. Himari is a cat-girl samurai who is sworn to protect Yuuto. There's only one small problem: Yuuto is allergic to cats! 

The story is involving a guy named Yuuto, who lives alone due to his parents dying in a car accident. He is an average teen, but he is allergic to cats. Then there are the Ayakashi, or the demons. There are some Ayakashi that are evil and some that are not. On Yuuto’s 16th birthday as he was walking to school, meets a strange girl with a katana named Himari. Himari appears to be an Ayakashi but she oaths to protect him from evil.

Opening Theme
"Oshichau zo!!" by Ayaruka [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme
#1: "BEAM my BEAM" by Himarinko L. Shizukuesu [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
#2: "BEAM my BEAM" by Ami Koshimizu (ep 7)
#3: "BEAM my BEAM" by Iori Nomizu (ep 8)
#4: "BEAM my BEAM" by Kei Shindou (ep 9)
#5: "BEAM my BEAM" by Asuka Okame (ep 10)
#6: "BEAM my BEAM" by Yuki Matsuoka (ep 11)
#7: "Sakamichi no Hate" by Daisuke Hirakawa (ep 12)

Omamori Himari Album Collection (320kbps +BK) :
ED Theme: 41 MB (TF | SF | MC)
OP Theme: 53 MB (TF | SF | MC)
OST: 179 MB (TF | SF | MC)
Character Song + Audio Drama: 118 MB (TF | SF | MC)

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