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A completely new start! Yun 4/22/2014 08:13:00 AM

Filename A completely new start!
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Author Yun
Date and Time 4/22/2014 08:13:00 AM

This is the new design that I was working on during my free time. First, I would like thank our contributors who have donated money. With this money I was able to purchase some script cores that I implemented into our website.

Something about our design

You might be asking, "why so suddenly?" The new design was around for only 2 months. To be honest, that was my first attempt to do a template for blogger and I felt it was bad in many ways... Especially everytime I was implementing something new or fixing some bugs. Reading the code was always painful. Rather then just walking around the issue I decided to do a new one from scratch. I wanted something fresh and mindblowing. And so this is the result. How do you like it?

What's new?

  1. The page has a design that adapts to the resolution and device you are using. No more oddities in the sitr should appear. ( Unfortunately, the wallpaper isn't showing on phone devices).
  2. The design was made to be more appealing. While implementing the new design, we wanted to avoid as much as possible big changes as much as possible, so you guys will still feel comfortable. 
  3. I felt like AM3 was still far behind other pages, so well, we will catch up!
  4. Want to know when we will a new Tv. size version of a song or a booklet? Now you will always be well informed with this new feature.

Google ads

There were some serious conversations about this. In the end, we decided to implement them. It's not like we want to become profitable, the money isn't worth doing that. But let's be honest, the cost of the server would not be sustainable in the long run with limited funding. Also, being dependent on donations isn't good. This was the only option available but fear not, we will always want to make you feel comfortable. That is why we won't use too many ads. 

One more thing worth mentioning would be that the money we will get (besides the that is solely for buying new Albums) is going to you! We will make huge giveaways! Want to get an album or some nendoroid figures?! 

Artist List

We want to have an artist list that is the same as our anime list! And here it goes! It's just very time consuming to complete this list T_T. It's still blank because I was too tired and went to sleep. It should be finished by tomorrow or the day after. Gomen ^_^!

Announcing new project

Our new project will be called Nyadesu and it's a video server! Not sure what website to go to where you can watch OP/ED, AMV or PVs? We'll add this to our site! I'm honestly sick and tired of using youtube to find them, just to see that the links keep vanishing because of DMCA x(! 

With this we want to officially say we want to make Anime mp3 big! Thrilled to see how far we are going to go? This project is going to be started on, and we will be working in beta phase next week.

  1. Users can register and upload their own videos!(or add a link on youtube)
  2. Commenting and sharing

Things that should be done but aren't

There were some internal issues (one admin went on a vacation), so the Vocaloid player still isn't working. I am going to do it tomorrow as well (need some sleep) \o/. Because of this, the vocaloid section still isn't fully working. 

And also, the slider is a bit odd, so I will replace it later after I find some spare time again.

Why all these huge changes all of a sudden?

Maybe I have forgotten to tell you why AM3 changed so much. It is because I have joined as an admin. I'm known as Yunode or Yun for short. Talking about how I've met Musica would probably take too much time. But to make it short - I want to make anime mp3 better and more professional. During this time, new people joined, things reorganized and this trend will continue until I become tired (omg nooo!). I'm working on this during my free time. I like to apply all the knowledge I have gathered so far from school and while working on other projects. 

Some last words to follow...

I chose this random picture because I liked it. It has no connections to this post but well, I really like those pictures. Hope you guys understand my taste :3
These theme graphics were made by WoobiE and I can't say how grateful I am that I could work alongside with him! :3 
(some huge poke to the other admins).  Ok and to neonat, musica, tsuyori, heroku, zerohiko, Lucymon and Lee too ^^!

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