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Faylan ~Discography~ Unknown 4/10/2014 09:01:00 PM

Filename Faylan ~Discography~
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 4/10/2014 09:01:00 PM

Faylan debuted as a singer in 2005 by singing an insert song for game adaption of GIRLS Bravo. During her independent time, she worked as a doujin singer and released music through Comiket. In the year 2008, she signed to Lantis and was chosen to sing the opening theme for the anime CANAAN. faylan then released her last independent single "AROUSING SOUL" in Comiket 75 to help to promote the anime series. In July 2009, she made her major debut with the single "mind as Judgment" produced by Agematsu Noriyasu of Elements Garden.

    Stage Name: faylan (飛蘭)
    Birthday: May 8th
    Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
    Blood Type: A
    Hobbies: Dancing, Reading
    Special Skill: Calligraphy
    Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple
    Favorite Foods: Sweet bean paste, Tsukemono

    [2010.09.08] Polaris
    [2011.09.21] ALIVE
    [2013.03.20] PRISM 
    [2015.01.07] -Zero Hearts-
Cover Albums
    [2014.03.26] FAYvorite
    [2007.04.06] Gekka no Rasen (indie)
    [2009.07.22] mind as Judgment
    [2009.11.11] I sing by my soul
    [2010.01.27] Errand
    [2010.05.26] SERIOUS-AGE
    [2010.07.21] Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana
    [2010.10.27] Last vision for last
    [2010.11.24] Honnou no DOUBT
    [2011.01.26] Shuumatsu no Fractale
    [2011.04.27] Rasen, Arui wa Seinaru Yokubou.
    [2011.05.25] 灯-TOMOSHIBI-
    [2011.11.09] Blood teller
    [2012.01.25] Dead END / Soukyuu no Hikari
    [2012.05.23] WHITE justice
    [2012.08.08] Realization
    [2013.01.23] God FATE
    [2013.07.24] wonder fang
    [2013.10.23] BLUE BLAZE
    [2014.04.30] Yasashisa no Tsubomi
    [2014.07.30] Tokyo Zero Hearts

Source: Generasia || Faylan Official Website

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