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Some significant changes Yun 3/05/2014 12:53:00 AM

Filename Some significant changes
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Author Yun
Date and Time 3/05/2014 12:53:00 AM
As some of you might have noticed, we restyled our site a bit with a new design, fixed some bugs, added a slidebar and posted titles.
The new slidebar will be an important thing as it highlights the posts in different categories. Now, you can distinguish the new posts from 4 categories - Announcements, where we bring you some important news about the website (such as maintenance, new stuff etc...),  This season - Anime, which is this season and Ongoing, Upcoming season which is for anime that are going to be aired next season.

And last but not least is Released, which I will further explain.

Also, we changed the menu. To make it clearer and more specific, we changed the names for some tabs.  Under the tab Released, you will find the released singles for every month. Before you could locate this tab under the name "What we did just now", which might have caused people to misunderstand what this category was all about. This should bring an end to this.
The tab Upcoming is also a new tab, that you knew under the name "Release date". The content is still the same. Over there, you will find information about the release dates for every single, when and what to expect.

About the poll. Around 30% people (around 1000 votes) weren't satisfied with the new design. We want to show you that EVERY opinion counts and matters! We slightly redesigned our Main content page and added titles under the pictures. Now you don't have to point your mouse over to know what the Article is about. We hope that it helps you and makes your browsing more comfortable. As for speed, we made some changes and the loading time should be reduced. Especially for people who browse our web through mobile phones and tablets. This one is for you!

Regarding the Header, we all know that this element is missing. But after discussing and checking the page I think there is no need for one. The design is more mature and simple, which was the main aim. As for pictures there are a lot of them in the slidebar and Main content, adding a Header might be an overkill.

Thank you guys for supporting us, with time, we all mature and so does the site.

P.S. Don't forget to state your opinions in comments, looking forward to it!

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