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Makai Senki Disgaea [Complete] Unknown 3/01/2014 03:33:00 PM

Filename Makai Senki Disgaea [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 3/01/2014 03:33:00 PM

Netherworld Battle Chronicle: Disgaea, 魔界戦記ディスガイア
From the darkest realms of another dimension emerges the story of Laharl, the son of a demon overlord, and his two sidekicks: his impish servant and an angelic assassin. Awoken from a two-year, poison-induced nap, Laharl learns of his father’s demise and blazes a trail of destruction on his quest to declare rule over the Netherworld. Never skimping on the wisecracks, the diabolical prince and his accomplices battle dragons, sorceresses, robots, power-hungry humans, and corrupt angels. Based on the popular adventure games, Disgaea lunges at you with a full-force attack. You can laugh, cry, scream or squirm, but you can’t escape the wrath of Laharl, dood!
The story, in large part is very episodic, so a lot of the time "real" character development doesn't happen. There are, however, a couple of parts where there's some "real" development, generally in the beginning and end, I would say. Though it's generally lighthearted, it has its serious points as well. 
The Enjoyment of this anime is Very Good indeed. The final feeling is that you havent wasted your time with this title. The anime has a strange sense of humour, though. That evil character dude is amazing. :D And the humour is really really good when you get to understand it. The plotline isnt that great but it's pleasurable,like the Art and the Sound

Opening Theme
"Aishitageru" by LOVERIN TAMBURIN

Ending Theme
"Kusari" by Akiko Kawakami

Makai Senki Disgaea OP Single: 40 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
Makai Senki Disgaea ED Single: 38 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
TV Anime Makai Senki Disgaea OST: 136 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
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