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Heroman Unknown 3/27/2014 01:22:00 PM

Filename Heroman
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 3/27/2014 01:22:00 PM

This anime series based on a manga by Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee has just come to an end. While it wasn’t as well received among American fans as I’m sure the original creators had hoped, I actually found it pretty good. Heroman was made by Bones, which means it has some of the best animation on the market. The visuals are fluid and detailed, and also incredibly stylish, with lots of bright (but never garish) colors, expressive faces, and some increasingly cool and imaginative battles. It's also nice to see how much effort went into the design work; it's true that a lot of the character designs and outfits fall into basic stereotypes, but they're at least American stereotypes instead of Japanese stereotypes of Americans. Some of the characters do suffer from anime hair, though. Everything else, from the layout of Joey's hometown to the cars, cafes and even the houses are unmistakably American-looking. We probably have Stan Lee to thank for that authenticity, and it's part of the reason a lot of people, myself included, say the show would do well on American television. This is one of the best-looking kid shows I've ever seen. All in all, though Heroman gives us a story and characters we’ve seen many times before, its enjoyment comes from its good pacing and execution, consistent mood, and great animation. In general, you’ve seen a show like it before, but not quite like it. After an intense (though admittedly cliche) finale finishing off the Skrugg for good, the last episode ends hinting at the return of a past villain, which means a second season of Heroman is very likely.

Opening Theme:
#1: "Roulette" by Tetsuya
#2: "missing" by Kylee

Ending Theme:
#2: "Boku no Te wa Kimi no Tame ni" by Mass Alert 

Album Collections:
OP1 (Single): 27 MB [TF | 4S | MC]
OP2 (Single): 41 MB [TF | 4S | MC]
ED1 (Single): 37 MB [TF | 4S | MC]
ED2 (Single): 35 MB [TF | 4S | MC]
Music Collection (OST): 164 MB [TF | 4S | MC]
Password: anime-mp3

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