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Elemental Gelade [Completed] Unknown 3/22/2014 05:21:00 PM

Filename Elemental Gelade [Completed]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 3/22/2014 05:21:00 PM

Aired: Apr 5, 2005 to Sep 27, 2005
Elemental Gelade (also known as Erementar Gerad) is an anime about Coud Van Guiret and his journey from being a simple apprentice sky pirate one who is responsible for the outcome of the entire world. In this world, Edel Raids are special people that react to humans to give humans tremendous powers for fighting and other means. Of course, there are people who want to use these Edel Raids for an evil purpose, and then there are those who want to unlock the deeper, more mysterious power, of these Edel Raids. A very good adventure anime, without being too farfetched. Good action and great emotional scenes with an overall good flow for the story. In the end, if you're looking for something unique, different, thought-provoking, or something of the sort, the plot and characters to Elemental Gelade will provide you with none of that. However, with the formula that the series has stuck with, it is still generally enjoyable and will have you rooting for Coud and Reverie (Ren). Also, watching the romance blossom between them is also something that is interesting too.

Opening Theme: "Forever..." by Savage Genius
Ending Theme: "Yakusoku" by Kuroda Michihiro
Insert Song: "everlasting song ~japanese edition~" by FictionJunction ASUKA

OP Single: 33 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
ED Single: 47 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
Insert Song Single: 37 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
OST 1: 129 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
OST 2: 114 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
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