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angela [Discography] Unknown 2/22/2014 03:51:00 AM

Filename angela [Discography]
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Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/22/2014 03:51:00 AM
angela is a two member Japanese pop band. They had formed in Tokyo in 1993, though it wasn't until six years later that the group put out their debut release. Because the unit only consists of two official members, their live concerts usually consist of a background layer of music, with atsuko singing as KATSU performs a guitar track. Therefore, their lives are a bit more pre-determined than other bands; they also use support members in both recording and in concerts. Ironically, atsuko and KATSU did not realize that they were both born in the same town of Okayama until they went to the same music school in Tokyo. There, their same origin allowed them to bond together into the earliest incarnation of angela. They decided to work together, and they have come a long way since then. Originally angela was an independent band, performing in clubs and otherwise. Most of their indies works were released during these lives. In 2002, they were signed by KING RECORDS on their sub-label STARCHILD after one of their representatives heard a song that KATSU had improvised from the ever-popular "Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis". After that their debut single, "Asu e no brilliant road", became the start of success for angela. This was success that granted them several popular singles for the Uchuu no Stellvia and Soukyuu no Fafner anime series and a popular major debut album, Sora no Koe -- success that even granted them a live concert in the United States at Otakon 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland. angela performed at Sakura-Con 2005 in Seattle, Washington, and also performed at CNAnime 2005 in Toronto, Ontario.

Studio Albums
    [2000.12.22] Tears On My Pillow
    [2003.05.21] A.I.B
    [2003.12.03] Sora no Koe
    [2004.11.17] I/O
    [2006.03.15] PRHYTHM
    [2009.09.09] Land Ho!
    [2011.06.22] mirror☆ge
    [2013.04.24] ZERO

Other Albums
    [2007.12.12] 宝箱-TREASURE BOX- (Best Album)
    [2011.01.19] Yoru ga Hakobarete Kuru Made ni ~A Song in A Bed~ (Concept Album)
    [2014.05.21] 宝箱-TREASURE BOX II- (Best Album #2)

    [2000.05.04] LOVE LOVE SWEETIE Ver.1
    [2000.05.14] LOVE LOVE SWEETIE Ver.2
    [2001.06.16] VIVA -mix-
    [2002.09.29] LOVE LOVE SWEETIE Ver.3
    [2006.12.06] Shinjuku Rhapsody (新宿狂詩曲)
    [2010.08.25] Soukyuu no Fafner HEAVEN AND EARTH Image Mini-Album

    [1999.05.29] memories
    [2002.02.14] Yuki
    [2002.07.07] Tokyo on Stage
    [2002.07.27] colors
    [2003.05.21] Asu e no brilliant road
    [2003.08.21] The end of the world
    [2003.12.03] merry-go-round
    [2004.05.26] fly me to the sky
    [2004.06.02] in your arms
    [2004.08.04] Shangri-La
    [2005.01.26] Mirai to Yuu Na no Kotae
    [2005.08.03] DEAD SET
    [2005.09.07] YOU GET TO BURNING
    [2005.12.21] Peace of mind
    [2006.06.29] gelamily // angela official fan club gelamily 継続特典CD
    [2007.05.09] gravitation
    [2008.11.12] Beautiful fighter
    [2008.12.25] Yakusoku (約束; Promise)
    [2009.05.13] Spiral / Link
    [2009.11.18] Alternative (オルタナティヴ)
    [2010.07.28] Aoi Haru (蒼い春; A Blue Spring)
    [2010.12.22] Soukyuu (蒼穹; The Blue Sky)
    [2012.01.25] THE LIGHTS OF HEROES
    [2012.08.01] Itsuka no Zero kara // K Image Blu-ray WHITE&BLACK (Bonus CD) 
    [2012.10.24] KINGS
    [2013.11.06] ANGEL / Tooku Made
    [2014.05.21] Sidonia
    [2014.07.12] Different Colors 
    [2015.02.11] EXIST / Anya Kouro

Digital Singles
    [2013.12.27] Bye Bye All Right

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