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Ryo-kun- Re:alize [Album] Unknown 12/31/2013 01:27:00 AM

Filename Ryo-kun- Re:alize [Album]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 12/31/2013 01:27:00 AM
Ryo-kun's voice can be classified as the boy next door type of voice - not too high and not too low. What may set Ryo-kun apart from other utaite is the distinct gentleness of his voice, he can do a wide variety of songs without his voice losing its softness. However, as seen in Ikemen Voice Paradise 6, his speaking voice is actually very low and deep. Ryo-kun can also rap, as seen in the "Smiling ✽ Xmas edition collab"Nv. "Blackjack"Nv is his most popular cover with over 320K views.
Ryo-kun can sing in a shota voice, as well as a female voice, although it is usually more common for him to do so in his namahousous, during which he likes to sing random songs. 

Track List:
01. Re:You / 164 feat. Ryo-kun*
02. Notebook / buzzG feat. Ryo-kun
03. Starduster / jimmythumbP feat. Ryo-kun
04. Magic Code / add9(heriP) feat. Ryo-kun
05. Mojikoi / mikitoP feat. Ryo-kun*
06. Yozora ni Futatsu / koyori(denporuP) feat. Ryo-kun
07. Irony / Scop feat. Ryo-kun
08. Netgame Haijin Sprechor -Under A Rock Arrange- / suzumu (original by tenkomori) feat. Ryo-kun
09. DOGS / yukkedoluce feat. Ryo-kun
10. Himitsu / buzzG feat. Ryo-kun*
11. Renai Philosophia / kurousaP feat. Ryo-kun
12. Mitsugetsu Un Deux Troix / DATEKEN feat. Ryo-kun
13. Warai Aeba Kitto / fuwariP feat. Ryo-kun and Chinatsu Akasaki*
14. Handmade Mirai / TOKOTOKO(nishizawasanP) feat. Ryo-kun
15. Shinpakusu#0822 / papiyon feat. Ryo-kun
16. Shiryokukensa / 40mP feat. Ryo-kun
17. Re:alize / Ryo-kun
18. Bonus Track
Released: Jan 01, 2014  
MP3: 172 MB 【】 BK: 34 MB
Password: rra1#anime-mp3

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