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K-ON! Movie Official Band Yarou yo!! K-ON! Movie-Hen Unknown 12/15/2013 08:13:00 PM

Filename K-ON! Movie Official Band Yarou yo!! K-ON! Movie-Hen
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 12/15/2013 08:13:00 PM
K-ON! Movie - Official Band Yarouyo!! K-ON! Movie Hen (映画「けいおん!」オフィシャル バンドやろーよ!! K-ON! MOVIE編) is a collective album of the bands Ho-Kago Tea Time and Love Crysis, containing "MOVIE size" versions of three previous songs, various instrumental versions of the songs Unmei♪wa♪Endless! and Singing!, as well as some bonuses. The featured songs are sung by Yui Hirasawa's and Mio Akiyama's respective voice actresses Aki Toyosaki and Yōko Hikasa. The album was released on the 19th of February 2012 in Japan by Pony Canyon. 
MP3: 113 MB 【】 BK: 5 MB
Password: kmon#anime-mp3

Track List:
01 いちばんいっぱい (MOVIE size Ver.)    
02 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (MOVIE size Ver.)    
03 Singing! (MOVIE size Ver.)    
04 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (Instrumental)    
05 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (Instrumental【-Guitar1】)    
06 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (Instrumental【-Guitar2】)    
07 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (Instrumental【-Keyboard】)    
08 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (Instrumental【-Bass】)    
09 Unmei♪Wa♪Endless! (Instrumental【-Drums】)    
10 Singing! (Instrumental)    
11 Singing! (Instrumental【-Guitar1】)    
12 Singing! (Instrumental【-Guitar2】)    
13 Singing! (Instrumental【-Keyboard】)    
14 Singing! (Instrumental【-Bass】)    
15 Singing! (Instrumental【-Drums】)    
16 ラブクライシス(ちょっと)    
17 ライブハウスのリハーサル    
18 天使にふれたよ!~唯の練習ギター

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