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Tomohisa Sako [Discography] Unknown 11/09/2013 01:05:00 PM

Filename Tomohisa Sako [Discography]
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Author Unknown
Date and Time 11/09/2013 01:05:00 PM
ShounenT (少年T) is an utaite known for his acoustic arrangements, which he uses in his covers and also makes for other singers to use. He has a soft and light sounding voice which goes well with his arrangements; however, his voice can also fit in other genres. He also has a younger brother who goes by the name Malon/Maron (マロン), who uploads dance cover videos on Nico Nico Douga. The "T" in his stage name stands for his real name, Tomohisa. Because of this, many fans also call him T-kun.
On March 28, 2012 he debuted as Sako Tomohisa, under the music label Sony Music Entertainment, with the release of his single "Ai Kotoba". He sang the opening song of Kimi to Boku 2, which started airing April 2012., the second ending theme of Zetsuen no Tempest, 'Bokutachi no Uta' (Our Song), ending theme of Meganebu (Colorful World).

A.k.a: 佐香 智久 (Sakou Tomohisa), 帆風智久 (Honokaze Tomohisa)
Born:  December 26, 1991 (Male)
Status: Inactive as Utaite, Active as professional singer
Years active: 2009-present
Official Website: sakotomohisa

1. [2012.03.28] Ai Kotoba
2. [2012.06.06] Zutto
3. [2012.08.08] Hanbunko
4. [2012.10.03] Kimi Koi Calendar
5. [2013.01.30] Bokutachi no Uta
6. [2013.07.17] Bye Bye
7. [2013.12.04] Colorful World 
8. [2014.03.05] Mahou no Yoru to Fushigi na Waltz
9. [2014.08.06] Shounen to Robot
1. [2013.02.27] Hajimemashite.

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