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Kill la Kill Unknown 2/02/2014 08:14:00 AM

Filename Kill la Kill
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/02/2014 08:14:00 AM

The story is set on a high school that the student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin rules by force. Wielding a giant Basami scissors sword, the wandering transfer student Ryuuko Matoi brings about upheaval on the campus. Ryuuko searches for the mysterious figure who caused her father's death, but confronting her are the student council's "four divine kings." Fortunately, Ryuuko is aided by a talking sailor uniform who tells her, "Wear me. When I am worn by you, this power will become manifest."

The main, solid story-line for Kill la Kill is pretty generic, good girl (Ryuko) versus bad girl (Satsuki), but it finds unique ways to spice up this age old generic rivalry, like making the antagonist's power actually match (and perhaps exceed) the protagonist's for a change. However the fact that Kill la Kill adds new characters to the plot, seemingly on a whim somewhat annoys me, like the character is introduced to fill a purpose then... Poof! There goes that character, to be forgotten about. Other than that it seems like the story has some great potential and I am looking forward to what it can offer.
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2014

Opening Theme: 
1. "Sirius" by Eir Aoi
2. "ambiguous" - GARNiDELiA (TV Size) (Full Ver.)

Ending Theme: 
1. "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai." by Miku Sawai [Single]
2.  "Shinsekai Koukyougaku" - Sayonara Ponytail (TV Size) (Full Ver.)

Insert Song:
Blumenkranz - Cyua 
Sanbika - Aoi Eir
Before my Body is Dry - Mika Kobayashi

Kill la Kill Orignal Soundtrack

Bonus CD
1 - KiLL La KiLL Rearrange & Remix Soundtrack CD
2 - Drama CD Vol. 1
3 - (-)
4 - Drama CD Vol. 2 
5 - Soundtrack CD Vol. 2
6 - Drama CD Vol. 3
7 - (-)
8 - Drama CD Vol. 4

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