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Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou [Complete] Unknown 1/20/2014 05:20:00 PM

Filename Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 1/20/2014 05:20:00 PM
This blog about Free Download full Openings / Opening [op] and Endings / Ending [Ed] anime Dog & Scissors // 犬とハサミは使いよう you don't have to register or pay to download. It's easy and free. But if you find several link doesn't work or the file was deleted, tell me please. Contact me if you are going to request the other version from opening or ending this anime. Example: karaoke version, instrumental version, TV size version, Character single, main theme, or Soundtrack music of this anime. I take seriously with all your comment and request.

InuHasa is an anime about this one guy who has mad respect towards books. Unfortunately he gets killed, but because he's such an awesome, book-loving person, he gets a second change and reincarnates as a dog. I often love bullshit comedies like this one, but there are conditions for it. One would be that the anime doesn't try to take itself seriously and second being that it is actually a comedy. InuHasa doesn't exactly try to be serious either, but no matter how I look at it, it doesn't really try to be anything. It's tasteless nothing. The comedy is the silliness you've seen million times before, the type of silliness which isn't really a comedy at all. It's about tits and embarrassing remarks and anti-personalities.

A nonsense comical mystery. Harumi Kazuhito is a high school boy who loves books and is a fan of novelist Natsuno Kirihime. One day, he finds Kirihime writing at a cafe, about to be shot by a robber. He protects her from the attack but is killed instead. Through the supernatural power of a book-worm, he is reincarnated as a dachshund dog. Kazuhito (as a dog) writhes in a painful bookless life, when a sadistic woman carrying a pair of scissors offers him help. She is Kirihime herself.
Last Updated: Feb 29, 2014
Reason: uploaded BK Vol. 5-6

Opening Theme:
Wanwanwanwan N_1!! by Inukko Club (Kirihime Natsuno (CV: Marina Inoue), Madoka Harumi (CV: Kana Asumi), Suzuna Hiiragi (CV: Shizuka Ito), Hami Ohsawa (CV: Ai Kakuma), Maxi Akizuki (CV: Yu Serizawa)) [Single]

Ending Theme:
Lemonade Scandal by Maxi Akizuki (CV: Yu Serizawa)

Character Song:
1. Kirihime Natsuno
2. Madoka Harumi
3. Suzuna Hiiragi
5. Sakura Honda & Yayoi Honda
6. Sachi Moribe
7. Momiji Himehagi 
Character Mini Album: Shining !!

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou OST: Uta to Gekiban wa Tsukaiyou

Blu-Ray Disc (BK):
01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06
Password: in1#anime-mp3

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