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Yuyushiki [Complete] Unknown 4/15/2013 10:03:00 AM

Filename Yuyushiki [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 4/15/2013 10:03:00 AM
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The animation doesn't seem cheap as some anime in the genre can at times. The character designs are very cute but not too overstated. The voice actors deliver the lines naturally and believably. The OP and ED are also quite charming, I find. It's a well made series. There isn't much in the way of plot, but that's natural for the genre. Nevertheless, I think the setup lends itself well to the genre. The girls of the "Data Processing Club" spend club time surfing random things on the internet, which opens up the possibilities to even more topics for bizarre elliptical comic dialogues than the entirely aimless Amusement Club in Yuru Yuri, the anime this one most responds me of. Giving the cast of silly high school girls the internet to amuse themselves with proves to be an inspired way to expand upon just what can reasonably be discussed. Other than that, however, it's mostly the typical points in Japanese high school life we've seen other places before.

For my tastes, the show has a lot of great humor. If the jokes don't make me laugh outright they make me smile more often then not. The group dynamics are also pretty fun. Like Yuru Yuri, the anime isn't afraid to offer up lots of blatant yuri subtext, which to me is always a plus. I find quite a lot to like watching the series. Fans of other schoolgirl comedy anime should definitely check this one out too.
[Last Updated: Nov 03, 2013]

Opening Theme
"Se-no!" by Jōhōshori-bu [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme
"Affection" by Mayumi Morinaga [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Yuyushiki Character Song Album: Ichigenme!
Yuyushiki Original Soundtrack: Feeling good (nice) wind

Bonus CD:
Radio CD #1 (320kbps / BK / 086 MB)
Radio CD #2 (320kbps / BK / 094 MB)
Radio CD #3 (320kbps / BK / 166 MB)
Radio CD #4 (320kbps / BK / 118 MB)
Radio CD #5 (320kbps / BK / 108 MB)
Radio CD #6 (320kbps / BK / 162 MB)

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