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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties [Complete] Unknown 1/21/2014 10:49:00 PM

Filename Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 1/21/2014 10:49:00 PM
This blog about Free Download full Openings / Opening [op] and Endings / Ending [Ed] anime Hayate no Gotoku! (2013) // ハヤテのごとく! Cuties // Hayate the Combat Butler 2013 you don't have to register or pay to download. It's easy and free. But if you find several link doesn't work or the file was deleted, tell me please. Contact me if you are going to request the other version from opening or ending this anime. Example: karaoke version, instrumental version, TV size version, Character single, main theme, or Soundtrack music of this anime. I take seriously with all your comment and request.

The show have only aired 1 episode currently today, and they have tried to show most of the characters in the story which can be a good idea if is played out well. Although this season isn't as smooth and funny as before, it didn't turn out to be too bad after all. But this is just the first episode, so I shouldn't be judging too much. The good thing about this season is that they are able to keep a feeling of resolution that seems like a happy ending in the story for each episode. The thing i would still complain is that they haven't improve the graphic back to how it was some years ago...
Anyway, I couldn't say much yet but it is worth a watch and see what's going to come in the other episodes! (by lightsurge9696@mal)
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2014

Opening Theme
"Haru ULALA♥LOVE yo Koi!!!" by Hinagiku Katsura (CV: Shizuka Itou) [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme
Ep 01: Heroine wa Koko ni Iru! by Ryoko Shiraishi [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
Ep 02: Asterisk [Download]
Ep 03: Isogaba Smile! by Sakuya Aizawa (CV: Kana Ueda) [Download]
Ep 04: Manmaru Kakurenbo [Download]
Ep 05: Daikirai wa koi no hajimari by Shizuka Itou [Download]
Ep 06: Nano Kiss by Izumi Segawa (CV: Sayuri Hayagi) [Download]
Ep 07: Tsuki no inori by Ruka Suirenji (CV:  Haruka Yamazaki) [Download]
Ep 08: Walkin' [Download]
Ep 09: POKER FACE for all [Download]
Ep 10: Yakusoku by Maria (CV: Rie Tanaka) [Download]
Ep 11: Suiyobi no Sunday [Download]
Ep 12: Invitation ~ Kun toiru basho de ~

Hayate the combat butler Cuties ENDING & Heroine:
OST 1 (320kbps + BK): 61 MB // Detail CD
OST 2 (320kbps + BK): 67 MB // Detail CD
Collaboration Album: Kiseki no Door

Bonus CD: Character Song
01 (BK): 27 MB (password: dfjsd#anime-mp3)

/ 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06

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