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White Album2 Unknown 2/12/2013 07:34:00 PM

Filename White Album2
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/12/2013 07:34:00 PM

Fall, when graduation is only half a year away.
Haruki Kitahara, the final member of the light music club that dissolved, plays his guitar by the window after school in preparation for the school festival. It was the one and only adventure of a good student who spent two diligent years on his studies. But when a flowing piano melody and a voice as a clear as bell harmonize with his guitar… He goes from being alone, to being two, then three in the light music club, as the semester he dreamed of, no, hoped for, began. (ann)
Last Updated: May 02, 2014

Theme Song Anime: OP - ED - Insert Song

Original Soundtrack:
Kazusa Classic Piano Pieces 
~closing~ [Download]
~setsuna~ [Download]
 ~introductory~ [CD1+BK] [CD2]
White Album2 Original Soundtrack

Dokokai Radio Vol.1 [Download]    
White Album2 Vocal Collection
White Album2 Concert Special CD [Album

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