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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [Complete] Unknown 2/06/2013 01:07:00 PM

Filename Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/06/2013 01:07:00 PM

Higurashi essentially places you in the role of the scientist. It divides itself into several arcs, each of which begin exactly the same. A teenager moves into a remote countryside village, and befriends a group of sweet fangirls that could have come out right from a harem rom/com. Then, explicably, thing go wrong... very wrong.  The pacing is excellent, the suspence pulpable. You know terrible things are going to happen, but you don't know exactly what. Higurashi would appeal to two types of people. The maglomanics who cackle madly in seeing a happy community descend into the depth of oblivion, and the curious scientist who watched each arc with intense interest... for they want to know exact *why* everything goes wrong (though they can also cackle madly just a little).
The true draw of Higurashi is the mystery. The series will leave you guessing, postulating all manner of reasons why the sweetest girl in the class is now butchering every child in sight with a giant cleaver. Each experiment you run (arc you see) reveals a few more clues, and you formulate a new theory, only to find it shattered by another totally unexpected horror in the very same arc. The beauty of Higurashi is that a mystery of such grand scale, every detail is meticulous, and while every bloody event seems random at first, they all eventually fall into place.
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Opening Theme:
"Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" by Eiko Shimamiya [Download] [Single]
Opening Theme: Kai
"Naraku no Hana" by Eiko Shimamiya [Download] [Single]
Opening Theme: Rei (OVA)
"Super Scription of Data" by Shimamiya Eiko [Download] [Single]
Opening Theme: Kira (OVA)
"Happy! Lucky! Dochy!" by Yukari Tamura, Mika Kanai, and Yui Horie [Download] [Single]

Ending Theme:
"Why, or why not" by Hiroyuki Oshima feat. Rekka Katakiri [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Kai
"Taishou.a" by anNina [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Rei (OVA)
"Manazashi" by anNina [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Kira (OVA)
#1:"Zendaimimon☆Miracle Change" by Mai Nakahara [Download]
#2:"Tenshinranman☆Miracle Change" by Yukari Tamura & Mika Kanai [Download]
#3:"Ishindenshin☆Miracle Change" by Satsuki Yukino [Download]
#4:"Yuki Rinrin☆Miracle Change" by Yui Horie [Download]
Ending Theme: Kira: Outbreak (OVA)
"Dear You –Visionen im Spiegel" by Yuzuki

Original Soundtrack:
Vol. 1 [Download]
Vol. 2 [Download]
Image Vocal Album ~Dear You~ [Download]

Bonus CD: Kira
CD 1 - Ending 1 Single + Mini Drama [Download]
CD 2 - Ending 2 Single + Mini Drama [Download]
CD 3 - Ending 3 Single + Mini Drama [Download]
CD 4 - Ending 4 Single + Mini Drama [Download]

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