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Heroic Age Unknown 2/26/2013 08:02:00 PM

Filename Heroic Age
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/26/2013 08:02:00 PM

The battles in this anime are pretty spectacular, which is basically composed of thousands of mechs, space fighters and aliens, plus throw in a Nodos or two. These are animated very well which mixes drawn animation and 3DCG and is to the point, where something as insignificant as Age transforming into the Bellcross becomes a spectacle however there will always remain some who won't like the CG. The space battles between huge fleets are amazing but they later lose their affect, when some scenes are later reused. Also when a single Nodos has the power to easily wipe out a planet from the face of the galaxy, it makes all the huge superbly animated space battles seem like such a waste of time. This anime series had a great deal of potential as the story began to develop however there's a turning point, which stopped the series from living up to its expectation. Apart from the several noticeable flaws, like the characters' personalities, reused battle scenes and illogical story, this was a pretty enjoyable sci-fi series. So don't let the negative reviews stop you from watching this however for those who aren't fans of Space anime should steer clear from this one.
[Last Updated: Dec 21, 2014]

Opening Theme
"gravitation" by angela [Download] [Off Vocal Ver.]

Ending Theme
"Azurite" by Tae Urakabe
Episode #15: "Azurite ~ for luster star Deianera" by Yui Ishikawa

Original Soundtrack:

1. Star Way [+ BK : TF / SB]
2. Kikan [+ BK : TF / 1F]

Character Song & Drama Album Side Way:
1. Side Way 1 [Download]
2. Side Way 2 [Download]

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