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Binchou-tan [Complete] Unknown 2/10/2013 02:58:00 PM

Filename Binchou-tan [Complete]
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Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/10/2013 02:58:00 PM
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The series began life as began as a manga by Ekusa Takahito before being adapted for anime in 2006. The story is set in the town of Minabe in the Wakayama Prefecture (located in the Kansai region), and the series pays homage to the area in a number of aspects, the most prominent being the names of the characters. The titular character, and indeed many of the other characters, are named for different types of charcoal, with Binchou-tan being named after binchotan, a form of white charcoal that the Wakayma region is famous for producing. This connection has added to the popularity of the series throughout Japan, so much so that Binchou-tan is now the official mascot of the Kishu-Binchotan Promotion Museum, which is run by Minabegawa Forestry Society. The story is very simple. A little girl named Binchou-tan lives alone in a run-down cottage in the forest outside of town. Life is hard but she takes each day as it comes, works hard at various odd jobs, and tries not to let her spirits flag.
Unusually, each episode in the series is split into two individual stories, so over the course of half an hour the viewer is shown two chapters in Binchou-tan's life. Surprisingly, this works rather well, especially as this is purely a slice of life show. Over the course of the series the viewer is given a taste of Binchou-tan's life, and whilst the general tone is very much an upbeat one, the show isn't afraid to give the old heartstrings a good hard yank (you have been warned). In all honesty, I would recommend this series to anyone who simply wants to watch something nice for a change. There's no romance, no real drama, no big fights, and no gondolas (there are ducks and birds however), but don't be fooled into thinking that there isn't anything for you to watch. This is an extremely enjoyable series, and the length of each episode means that, whilst you can easily finish the whole show in one sitting, you'll probably find yourself spreading the series out over the course of a few days (just to make it last longer).

Opening Theme
"Iroha" by CooRie [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Off Vocal Ver.]

Ending Theme
"Binchou Ondo" by Kadowaki Mai
[TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Original Karaoke Ver.]

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