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Azumanga Daioh Unknown 2/10/2013 03:07:00 PM

Filename Azumanga Daioh
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Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/10/2013 03:07:00 PM

あずまんが大王 / Azumanga Daiou
This is a slice of life anime, and what that means is, there generally isn't any story. But I'll tell you what there is. Skits. Alot of skits. Hilariously over the top skits. Such as their teachers terrible driving, the way the other students see the beautiful, athletic and mysterious Sakaki, without knowing of her love of cute animals, Tomo's innuendo and curiosity about the "love life" and Kimura sensei's love for minors. But there are realistic events as well. The new years, studying for exams, trying not to fail school, athletics, snowball fights. This show can be completely realistic or mind bogglingly over the top. You will watch this show over and over and over again and still laugh!! The jokes are all well thought out and hilarious. Even when the characters are just standing around, not talking and staring at each other you will laugh. Why? Because the way they are set up is just so brilliant! The gang of Azumanga Daioh will forever be in your heart after this show, and that is exactly why you should watch this show. I can't recommend this enough to fans of the slice of life genre and comedy genres.
Last Updated: Jan 09, 2015

Opening Theme: "Soramimi Cake" by Oranges & Lemons [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Off Vocal Ver.]
Ending Theme: "Raspberry Heaven" by Oranges & Lemons

Azumanga Daioh Original Soundtrack

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