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Initial D Second Stage [Complete] Unknown 11/22/2012 10:00:00 AM

Filename Initial D Second Stage [Complete]
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Author Unknown
Date and Time 11/22/2012 10:00:00 AM
This blog about Free Download full Openings / Opening [op] and Endings / Ending [Ed] anime 頭文字〈イニシャル〉D SECOND STAGE you don’t have to register or pay to download. It’s easy and free.But if you find several link don`t work or the file was deleted, tell me please and back here about one week later, you will get that songs could be to download. Contact me if you are going to request the other version from opening or ending this anime. Example: karaoke version, instrumental version, TV size version, Character single, main theme, or BMG of this anime. I respond seriously with all your comment and request. Free download music/songs(mp3) ost.Anime _-_ Please share this article to Facebook or Twitter, and like it in FACEBOOK. Don't forget to come back here again.

The music only gets better, the perfect example, the ending theme Kimi Ga Iru by Galla. It’s so beautiful, well toned and pitched, and excellently paced. It really captures you and reflects the character relationship nature of this show on my impression. And you can’t have Initial D without the good ol’ Eurobeat. We got 100 by Dave Rodgers and we also got Burning Desire, also from the Para Para Paradise games. So pretty much everything I could say about music and voice acting from season 1 can be said hereWell, to watch this season, I strongly recommend season 1 first. Yes, I still also say that Initial D isn't an anime for everyone, but this season has more traits that most anime fans would want in an anime, but to understand the characters and how they developed to that point and how they further develop, you have to watch season 1 first and to get a better understanding of the cars as well. Granted it does have some significant changes if you are at all familiar with the manga, but the changes are done for all the right reasons and is still an enjoyable anime.
[Last Updated: Mar 01, 2013]

Opening Theme
"Blazin' Beat" by Move

Ending Theme
"Kimi ga Iru" by Galla

// please upload original soundtrack if you have it.

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