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Detective Conan Unknown 8/13/2012 02:15:00 AM

Filename Detective Conan
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 8/13/2012 02:15:00 AM

'Detective Conan" is about a teen detective by the name of Shin'ichi Kudo (known in the dub as Jimmy), who has a charismatic skill of solving crimes that leave the police force and its leading investigators baffled and astounded. One night, when Shinichi is at the amusement park with his childhood friend Ran Mouri, he witnesses two strange men dressed in black carrying out an illegal trade. While watching, he's accosted from behind by one of the men, force-fed a drug intended to kill him, and knocked out.  Detective Conan is beyond your average detective anime. What i mean "beyond your average" is that it definitely got "everything" in it. Likely said, it has the funny moments (Humors), it got also Love story (Romance),the Drama, slice of life they do have the very unique plots of stories some are based on the Mysteries (we have know of) and that you will soon know through watching the series, It will give you the thrills and chills because its more than just the crime scene or solving crime since there are storyline which people called arcs. It also let us know more of japan's culture and traditions, you could learn Japanese as well (yeah, this is the only anime which i learn/know a lot of Japanese more than any other animes). 
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Insert Song:
Kimi ga Ireba by iori [Vocal Ver.] [Instrumental Ver.]

Opening Theme:
#01: "Mune ga Dokidoki" by the High-Lows (eps 1-30)
#02: "Feel Your Heart" by Velvet Garden (eps 31-52)
#03: "Nazo" by Miho Komatsu (eps 53-96)
#04: "Unmei no Roulette o Mawashite" by ZARD (eps 97-123)
#05: "Truth" by Two-Mix (eps 124-142)
#06: "Girigiri Chop" by B'z (eps 143-167)
#07: "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow (eps 168-204)
#08: "Koi wa thrill, shock, suspense" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 205-230)
#09: "Destiny" by Miki Matsuhashi (Eps 231-258)
#10: "Winter Bells" by Mai Kuraki (eps 259-270)
#11: "I can't stop my love for you" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 271-305)
#12: "Kaze no Lalala" by Mai Kuraki (eps 306-332)
#13: "Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made" by U-ka Saegusa (eps 333-355)
#14: "Start" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 356-393)
#15: "Hoshi no Kagayakiyo" by ZARD (eps 394-414)
#16: "Growing of My heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps 415-424)
#17: "Shoudou" by B'z (eps 425-437)
#18: "100 Mono Tobira" by Rina Aiuchi & U-ka Saegusain db (eps 438-456)
#19: "Kumo ni Notte" by U-ka saegusa IN db (eps 457-474)
#20: "Namida no Yesterday" by Garnet Crow (eps 475-486)
#21: "Glorious Mind" by ZARD (eps 487-490)
#22: "Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de" by ZARD (eps 491-504)
#23: "Ichibyou goto ni Love for you" by Mai Kuraki (eps 505-514)
#24: "MYSTERIOUS" by Naifu (eps 515-520)
#25: "Revive" by Mai Kuraki (eps 521-529)
#26: "Everlasting Luv" by Breakerz (eps 530-546)
#27: "Magic" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 547-564)
#28: "As the Dew" by Garnet Crow (eps 565-582)
#29: "Summer Time Gone" by Mai Kuraki (eps 583-601)
#30: "Tear Drops" by Caos Caos Caos (eps 602-612)
#31: "Don't Wanna Lie" by B'z (eps 613-626)
#32: "Misty Mystery" by Garnet Crow (eps 627-641)
#33: "Miss Mystery" by BREAKERZ (eps 642-666)
#34: "Kimi no Namida ni Konna ni Koi Shiteru" by Natsuiro (667-680)
#35: "TRY AGAIN" by Mai Kuraki (681- 695) [Single]
#36: "Q&A" by B'z [Album]
#37: "Butterfly Core" by VALSHE
#38: Knock Out Monkey - Greed
#39: DYNAMITE - Kuraki Mai
Ending Theme:
#01: "Step by Step" by Ziggy (eps 1-26) [Single]
#02: "Meikyuu no Lovers" by heath (eps 27-51)
#03: "Hikari to Kage no Roman" by Keiko Utoku (eps 52-70)
#04: "Kimi ga Inai Natsu" by DEEN (eps 71-83)
#05: "Negai goto Hitotsu Dake" by Miho Komatsu (eps 84-108)
#06: "Koori no ue ni Tatsu you ni" by Miho Komatsu (eps 109-131)
#07: "Still for Your Love" by Rumania Montevideo (eps 132-152)
#08: "Free Magic" by WAG (eps 153-179)
#09: "Secret of my heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps 180-204)
#10: "natsu no maboroshi" by Garnet Crow (eps 205-218)
#11: "Start in my life" by Mai Kuraki (eps 219-232)
#12: "always" by Mai Kuraki (eps 233-247)
#13: "Aoi Aoi Kono Chikyuu ni" by Azumi Uehara (eps 248-265)
#14: "Yume Mita Ato de" by Garnet Crow (eps 266-287)
#15: "Mushoku" by Azumi Uehara (eps 288-299)
#16: "Overture" by Koshi Inaba (eps 300-306)
#17: "Ashita wo Yumemite" by ZARD (eps 307-328)
#18: "Kimi to iu Hikari" by Garnet Crow (eps 329-349)
#19: "Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo" by U-ka saegusa IN db (eps 350-376)
#20: "Wasurezaki" by GARNET CROW (eps 377-397)
#21: "June Bride ~Anata shika mienai~" by U-ka Saegusa IN db (eps 398-406)
#22: "Sekai tomete" by Shiori Takei (eps 407-416)
#23: "Thank You For Everything" by Iwata Sayuri (eps 417-424)
#24: "Kanashii Hodo Anata ga Suki" by Zard (eps 425-437)
#25: "Mou Kimi dake wo Hanashitari Shinai" by Aya Kamiki (eps 438-458)
#26: "Shiroi Yuki" by Mai Kuraki (eps 459-470)
#27: "I still believe ~Tameiki~" by Yumi Shizukusa (eps 471-486)
#28: "Sekai wa mawaru to iu keredo" by Garnet Crow (eps 487-490)
#29: "Yukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no you ni" by U-ka saegusa IN db (eps 491-504)
#30: "Summer Memories" by Aya Kamiki (eps 505-514)
#31: "Go Your Own Way" by Yumi Shizukusa (eps 515-520)
#32: "Koigokoro kagayaki nagara" by Naifu (eps 521-529)
#33: "Doing All Right" by Garnet Crow (eps 530-539)
#34: "Hikari" by Breakerz (eps 540-561)
Eps #567: PRAY by B'z [Download]
#35: "Hello Mr. My Yesterday" by Hundred Percent Free (eps 562-587)
#36: "Tomorrow is the Last Time" by Mai Kuraki (eps 588-601)
#37: "Kimi ni Aitai" by Hundred Percent Free (eps 602-609)
#38: "Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou" by BREAKERZ (eps 610-625)
#39: "Pilgrim" by B'z (eps 626-628)
#40: "Your Best Friend" by Mai Kuraki (eps 629-643)
#41: "Kanashii Hodo Kyō no Yūhi Kirei da ne" by grram (eps 644-653)
#42: "Overwrite" by BREAKERZ (eps 654-666)
#43: "Koi ni Koishite" by Mai Kuraki (667-) [Instrumental] [single]
#44: "Hitomi no Melody" by BOYFRIEND [Download]
#45: "Kimi no Egao ga Naniyori mo sukidatta" by Chicago Poodle [Single] [Album]
#46: "Ima Aitakutte..." by DAIGO
#47: Rain Main - AKIHIDE
#48: Muteki na Heart - Kuraki Mai
#49: Kimi e no uso - VALSHE (February 4, 2015)

Ending Theme Song The Movie:
01. The Time Bombed Skyscraper: "Happy Birthday" by Kyoko [OST]
02. The Fourteenth Target: "Shōjo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni" by ZARD
OST: 126 MB (TF | SF | MC) [Password:]
03. The Last Magician of the Century: "One" by B'z [OST]
04. Captured in Her Eyes: "Anata ga Iru Kara" by Miho Komatsu. [OST]
05. Countdown to Heaven: "always" by Mai Kuraki. [OST]
06. The Phantom of Baker Street: "Everlasting" by B'z. [OST]
07. Crossroad in the Ancient Capital: "Time after time ~花舞う街で~" by Mai Kuraki. [OST]
08. Magician of the Silver Sky: "Dream x Dream" by Rina Aiuchi. [OST]
09. Strategy Above the Depths: "Natsu wo Matsu Seiru no Youni" by ZARD. [OST]
10. The Private Eyes' Requiem: "Yuruginai mono hitotsu" by B'z. [OST]
11. Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure: "Nanatsunoumi o Wataru Kaze no you ni" by Rina Aiuchi & U-ka saegusa. [OST]
12. Full Score of Fear: "Tsubasa o Hiraigete" by ZARD [OST]
13. The Raven Chaser: "PUZZLE" by Mai Kuraki [OST]
14. The Lost Ship in The Sky: "Over Drive" by Garnet Crow [OST]
15. Quarter of Silence: "Don't Wanna Lie" by B'z [OST]
16. The Eleventh Striker
17. Private Eye in the Distant Sea: "One More Time" by Kazuyoshi Saito [OST]
18. Ijigen no Sniper: "Love SearchLight" by Ko Shibasaki [OST]
##Lupin the Third VS D. Conan The Movie: wonderland -  99RadioService  [OST]
All password for OST is oricon

Album / Singles:
Detective Conan OST Selection BEST [Download] // password: oricon
Boku Ga Iru: Conan Edogawa [Download]
Detective Conan Song Album: Boku ga Iru [Download]
Detective Conan Theme Song Collection [Download]
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack Best 1 [Download]
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack Best 2 [Download]
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack SUPER BEST 2 [Download
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack Selection Best [Disc 1] [Disc 2]
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack I: 111 MB (TF | 4S | MC)
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack II: 322 MB (1F | 4S | 180 | BU)
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack III: 158 MB (4S | TF | MC)
Detective Conan Original Soundtrack IV: 106 MB (TF | 4S | MC)

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