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Yuru Yuri 2 Unknown 1/01/2013 09:27:00 AM

Filename Yuru Yuri 2
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 1/01/2013 09:27:00 AM

Yuru Yuri 2 / ゆるゆり♪♪
If I really enjoy an anime, it doesn't matter how crappy the art or sound may be (unless they're SO bad that they actually ruin the enjoyment), it may be able to score just fine. And Yuru Yuri is no exception: I'm just unable not to love it. I feel very well, in peace, while watching it, and every second spent watching is a second well-spent. This is the kind of anime I'll never feel bored watching or wishing for the episode to be over quickly (if you're watching something while thinking "Damn, isn't this over yet? I need to do something else.", then you're not enjoying it.), and I always actually want to watch more once it's over.  It's four girls, one club, and a never-ending stream of endeavors at amusing themselves performed by the four main character girls. The club's title, The Amusement Club, obviously reflects the real purpose. The main character, Akari, is supposedly the heroine, but is usually ignored and barely has any screen time. The series uses her being ignored as the subject of many of its jokes. It also uses female-only romantic affections ("yuri" is in the title after all) as a very capable source that ensues in much hilarity. Many of the characters have crushes on each other and one club member in particular, Chinatsu, is very direct about her attraction towards another club member Yui. The final club member, Kyōko, is very vocal with her attraction and borderline obsession towards Chinatsu. Most of the attractions are unrequited, but their misfortune only causes more hearty laughs. Although the second season of "Yuru Yuri" is still an actual yuri anime, it continues to parody and lampoon certain tropes of other prominent yuri series. At times, Kyōko and Chinatsu's love illusions towards their chosen ones are amplified to such high degree, which ends up resulting in a pleasing parody of standard yuri.
Last Updated: June 10, 2014

Opening Theme:
"Yes! Yuyuyu☆Yuru Yuri♪♪" by Nanamori Chu☆Goraku Bu [Single]

Ending Theme:
"100% Chu~Gakusei" by Nanamori Chu☆Goraku Bu [Single]

Charcter Song Series:
0. Majokko Mirakurun (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)
1. Akari Akaza (CV: Shiori Mikami)
2. Chinatsu Yoshikawa (CV: Rumi Ookubo)
3. Kyouko Toshinou (CV: Yuka Ootsubo)
4. Yui Funami (CV: Minami Tsuda)
5. Ayano Sugiura (CV: Saki Fujita)
6. Chitose Ikeda (CV: Aki Toyosaki)
7. Sakurako Ohmuro (CV: Emiri Kato)
8. Himawari Furutani (CV: Suzuko Mimori)

Yuru Yuri 2 no Uta Album ~Hai! Te. U. Ga~ -High Tension Ultra Girls- [Download]

Bonus CD:
Sono 1 [Download]
Sono 2 [Download]
Sono 3 [Download]
Sono 4 [Download]
Sono 5 [Download]
Sono 6 [Download]

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