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11Eyes [Complete] Erick GReATz 12/04/2012 07:09:00 PM

Filename 11Eyes [Complete]
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Author Erick GReATz
Date and Time 12/04/2012 07:09:00 PM

The anime showed pretty strong potential to be a very good supernatural themed story. The concept was used before. This did not discourage me from watching it though. One can use mediocre concepts and turn it into gold. I first saw this aspect as gold. This view, however, devolved and the story slowly but surely turned into something else: A screwy and awkward one. An interesting story suddenly became VERY awkward and weird. Suddenly, it's like the other characters lost their competence and some even derailed into "dreadful and annoying" (I'm looking at you, Yuka.) And the rest just got... blah. It was actually hard to find a story within the first half of the show. In fact, it was nothing else than bunch of kids fighting the black knight for whatever reason. You didn't know why they were transported there and why the black knights were trying to kill them. Until you get to second half, it went down hill. I could complain that the first half was confusing me more than ever since the story wasn't developing, but after the second half it was actually better to tell nothing at all. What lacks in the story is the fact that 11eyes made so many plot twists and not intelligent ones that it became embarrassing. A 12 years old could make a more interesting story than that. In the end, the story left many holes and the viewer is still as much confused, or even more, than he was at the first episode.

Opening Theme:

Ending Theme:
"Sequentia" by Asriel [Download] [Off Vocal Ver.]

11Eyes Original Soundtrack (204 MB): TF | BU

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