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Ao no Exorcist Unknown 12/29/2012 08:33:00 PM

Filename Ao no Exorcist
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 12/29/2012 08:33:00 PM

青の祓魔師 / Blue Exorcist
Adapted from the ongoing shounen manga by Kato Kazue, Ao no Exorcist follows the adventures of Okumura Rin, a boisterous teenager with superhuman strength and a problem controlling his temper. Together with his younger twin brother Yukio, they live in a small Christian monastery run by their father, Fujimoto Shiro, and several monks who have helped raise the two boys. The series opens with a group of priests who are frantically praying in unison, but one by one they are being killed by a mysterious blue fire. 
{Last Updated: April 15, 2014}

Opening Theme:
1. Core Pride by UVERworld [Single]
2. In My World by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D [Single]

Ending Theme:
1. Take off by 2PM [Single]
2. Wired Life by Meisa Kuroki [Download]

Insert Song:
Eps 19: Assiah Fantasia First Movement Call me Later
Eps 25: Exorcist Concerto First Movement Me & Creed

Original Soundtrack:
Vol. 1 [Download]
Vol. 2 [Download]
Blue Exorcist Plugless

Bonus CD:
Vol.1 Drama CD1 - Father's Day Once More [FT | FS | MF | 4S ]
Vol.3 Drama CD2 - Top of the Ranking -Boys, be ambitious! [FT | FS | MF | 4S ]
Vol.4 Special Talk CD 1 [FT | FS | MF | 4S ]
Vol.7 Special Talk CD 2 [FT | FS | MF | 4S ]
Vol.8 Drama CD3 - a little wish in the holiday [FT | FS | MF | 4S ]
Vol.10 Drama CD4 - RHAPSODY IN BLUE [FT | FS | MF | 4S ]

Character Song:
Ao no Exorcist Character Song

Ao no Exorcist The Movie:
Theme Song:  Reversi by UVERworld [Single] [Album]
Original Soundtrack [Download]
Bonus CD [Drama CD]

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