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Yugioh: Duel Monsters [Complete] Unknown 11/13/2011 07:11:00 PM

Filename Yugioh: Duel Monsters [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 11/13/2011 07:11:00 PM
This blog about Free Download full Openings / Opening [op] and Endings / Ending [Ed] anime Yu-Gi-Oh! (Second Season) you don’t have to register or pay to download. It’s easy and free.But if you find several link don`t work or the file was deleted, tell me please and back here about one week later, you will get that songs could be to download. Contact me if you are going to request the other version from opening or ending this anime. Example: karaoke version, instrumental version, TV size version, Character single, main theme, or BMG of this anime. I respond seriously with all your comment and request. Free download music/songs (mp3) ost.Anime _-_ Please share this article to Facebook or Twitter, and like it in FACEBOOK. Don't forget to come back here again.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Moster
 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters centers around the journey of the spirit of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who is trying to re-discover who he was many years ago, since he has lost his memories. With the help of a boy, Yugi Mutou, the one who awakened the spirit, and his friends, he battles many villains and adversaries. Many of the villains have been linked to the Nameless Pharaoh's past, due to the Millennium Puzzle he holds and many try to take the puzzle and his power away from him.
The most enjoyable part of the series is easily the card games. I was just on the edge of my seat waiting to see how Yami will cheat next. There are a few flaws, though. One of which are the awful duels with female characters. Thankfully, I don't think any of these are longer than one episode and spoilers Mai Valentine never wins a duel. Still, I had to dock one point for these. The If you ever have offspring, first, hang your head in shame. Raising children is not a man's job. Though, if you insist on raising a child, make them watch this show. other point lost was for the Yami backstory arc. This was so boring that I had to skip it. Upon finishing the series, a friend of mine told me I cheated since I didn't watch most of this arc. 
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Opening Theme:
#1: "Voice" by CLOUD [Download] [Single]
#2: "Shuffle" by Masami Okui [Download] [Single]
#3: "Wild Drive" by Nagai Masato [Download] [Single]
#4: "Warriors" by Yuuichi Ikusawa [Download] [Single]
#5: "Overlap" by Kimeru [Single]

Ending Theme:
#1: "Genki no Shower" by Aki Maeda [Download] [Single]
#2: "Ano hi no Gogo" by Masami Okui
#3: "Rakuen" by CAVE [Single]
#4: "Afureru Kanjou ga Tomaranai" by Yuuichi Ikusawa
#5: "EYES" by Yuuichi Ikusawa [Single]

Yugioh: Duel Monsters VOCAL BEST !!!
Yugioh: Duel Monsters Theme Song Collection

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Original Soundtrack:
Duel 1 - Duel 2
Sound Duel 1 [Download]
Sound Duel 2 [Download]    
Sound Duel 3 [Download]          
Sound Duel 4 [Download]          

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