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Yakitate!! Japan Unknown 2/05/2011 08:56:00 PM

Filename Yakitate!! Japan
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/05/2011 08:56:00 PM
Cover album OP2 Yakitate Japan
It's an anime about bread-making. It's utterly ridiculous sounding. And, to be honest, in practice, it's utterly ridiculous. But I really really enjoyed it. It puts a goofy smile on my face because it is SO over the top, SO campy, SO cheesy... I just have to laugh. It's an innocent, sweet and silly sort of anime. It's not realistic, it isn't serious or dark or sarcastic... it's just simply entertaining. Which, you know, is kind of refreshing. Yakitate Japan is a PERFECT example of anything can be made in to a good shounen anime just as long it has the three key ingredients: chemistry, direction, and anticipation. This show turns a somewhat lame idea of an emerging baker and turns it to nonstop laughs and 'suspense'.

You're probably thinking, how can a baking anime be suspenseful? Which brings me back to the point of you can make any anime great if its structured great (not necessarily a good story) . Since its practically impossible to have 'action' in a baking show, theres a laugh every minute. Throughout the show you'll encounter the same style of jokes 100's of times over, but the way they reinvent the jokes every episode and lace a few facts in every episode is what makes this show so fun to watch from beginning to end. I even managed to marathon it and i still had lots of laughs every episode. Not only are there baking jokes and cooking facts, they also manage ALOT of running gags, one-shot gags, play on words, and the star of the show: "the BREAD REACTION." If you have any sense of humor whatsoever, you will LOVE the reactions no matter how many times they play over and over. Also the 'factual' information is pretty informative as well... i never knew there was such thing as Bombay Blood or that the legendary japanese sticky rice was a specialty of Sakata city in the Yamagata prefecture. It is true though, the best comedy comes from real life information. 
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Opening Theme:
#1: "Houki Kumo" by RYTHEM [Instrumental Ver.]
#2: "Promise" by TiA
#3: "Chiisana Uta" by MARIA [Instrumental Ver.]

Ending Theme:
#1: "Sunday" by The Babystars [Download]
#2: "To All Tha Dreamers" by SOUL'd OUT
#3: "Hummingbird" by little by little [Instrumental Ver.]
#4: "Re: START" by SURFACE
#5: "Merry Go Round" by Mai Hoshimura
#6: "Kokoro Biidama" by RYTHEM

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