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GetBackers [Complete] Unknown 2/17/2011 02:33:00 PM

Filename GetBackers [Complete]
Permission rw-r--r--
Author Unknown
Date and Time 2/17/2011 02:33:00 PM


The story follows the Getbackers, Ban and Ginji. There is an underlying sense of the story moving towards and end, with some completion in mind. Whilst there are a few episodic adventures, the stories are primarily multi-volume, intense and detailed. You learn a lot about the people, their histories, and their friendships. I found the stories related to Infinity Fortress the most interesting, and where I am up to in the manga, I think we are gearing up for a big one! [Last updated: Mar 16, 2013]

Opening Theme:
#1:  by Naomi Tamura Yuragu Koto Nai Ai
#2: (Rose-Colored World)" by PIERROT " Barairo no Sekai

Ending Theme:
#1:  by Otoha One Second Refrain
#2:  by Bon Bon Blanco Namida no Hurricane
#3:  by naja "Mr. Deja Vu"
#4:  by Nona Reeves Changin' feat. YOU THE ROCK

GetBackers OST (by Taku Iwasaki):
Original Soundtrack 1 [TF | SB | Embed]
Original Soundtrack 2 [TF | CL | Embed]

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